The void
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2003-01-08 20:04:46 (UTC)


Ewww that was horrible. anyway..where was i? oh yeah,i'm
not different.well not to look at anyway. some people may
disagree but to me, i merely belong to another 'group'.
Changing the subject..did u ever wonder where pineapples
come from? coz they don't grow on trees y'know. well they
might! i don't know! ahem..sorry random thought there.
(hmm.. i do wonder about the state of my mental health
man, my friends are so mental! and... i suppose the only
way to describe them is 'random'so random in fact, that
they eat snow,run into bus stops and skateboard off of
walls and try to land in trolleys.beyond me why they'd want
to do things like that. live for the moment springs to mind.
i need Coffee. mmmm sweet sweet coffee.
trying to avoid college tomorrow at all costs.i really
cannot stand another morning of being pressed against the
window on a bus because there aren't enough seats.big red
tins of sardines on wheels are busses.what's more they are
occupied by smelly,loud,evil year seven children.who's bags
are so stuffed full of books and P.E kits they can't get
out the door.thank god i made sure i had a small bag, wore
deoderant and kept myself to myself when i was in year
ho hum, looks like i have to attend though.iv'e already
missed alot of work because be honest i thought a
full english breakfast for 99p was much better than
sociology on a tuesday.
I had some money today so i bought myself some treats! a
Rob Zombie album. and the Hollyoaks babes calender.
tomorrow i'm hoping to get...wait for it...DORITOES AND RED
BULL!mmmmm i'm going to dream of them. goodnight.