No Matter How Hard I Try...
2003-01-08 19:58:44 (UTC)

drives me crazy

Hey! Not too much new with me...another typical day. Wasn't
really boring. Met some new people and things like that.
Ok, this girl that sits in front of me in World History
drives me crazy! She pinches my damn neves I swear! It's
that bad. I want to strangle her and smile while I do it.
She is stupid. She acts so dumb and she is SO annoying and
pushy and gets in everyones conversations, she's loud, she
likes to be the center of attention and she smells. That's
the worst part...the smell drives me NUTS. It makes me feel
sick and gives me a slight headache. Oh...grrr. I am not
the type of person to say shit like this about someone but
she really drives me that crazy. I'm thinking I'm going to
try to move...I'll ask Mr. K tomorrow. She also leans back
over my desk and pushed me book into my stomach and stuff
and she is always all up on my shit. SHE DRIVES ME NUTS!!!
*rips hair out*
On a happier note, the friend of mine I was worried about
is just fine. *phew* scared me...
I think that's about it...I think Terry is taking Trish job
hunting today....*shrugs* I'm gunna go but I'll write more


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