My life in a nutshell
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2003-01-08 19:33:20 (UTC)

Back with some access.... lol

Well, here I am, about a half hour away from my next class
and I'm in Computer lab C writing this. I really like these
labs, until my computer is up and running again. I don't
like the keyboards though... they're the old, clanky ones
that are hard to use and are so loud. I'm not used to it.
Anyway, I know this is a stupid thing to do and I always do
it, but I really don't think that what Mike is going to do
is a good idea. I, for one, am another person who thrives
on revenge, and it can be sweet, but still. Besides, I
don't live there or anything, but is this the guy for sure?
I wouldn't want you to get into trouble just because it was
another person who pissed you off and not who you think.
I'm finished now... really.
I am so tired right now. I have this sore that's in my
mouth and I can barely eat because of it. Oh well. I guess
that always happens to me. I also have a headache and I
really don't like that. I just want to get out of here for
the day and it's not like I can skip because my next class
will be the first one of the semester. I really need to go
to that one... but do I really need to go to English? I
like the class and all, but there's something about my Prof
that I don't like. Maybe it's because he reminds me of
Akains from Junior High and I didn't like his teaching
style. I don't even know if I spelt his name right! LOL
Well, I think that's all I have to say. I'm waiting for
Brian to call me back and he hasn't yet. I really want my
Christmas present from him... can't you tell I'm greedy? :-)


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