Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
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2003-01-08 19:30:02 (UTC) mean, it's all a big nothing?

After my last post, I get these messages by people saying
they're in the same spot I'm in.

How did the world get to be like this? Whay are so many
people alone? I don't think it's personalities. I used to
think I wasn't outgoing enough, but that's not it. I meet
people. I talk to many different people throughout the
course of the day. I think maybe it's trust. I think maybe
that level of trust that once existed in the world has gone

No fucking shit you say? Took you this long to figure that
out you say? Well no, I think this has started long before
the recent events in the world. Maybe this has always been.

How many friends doesthe average person have? 5, 10, 50,
100, a thousand?

Are there different levels? Aquaintances, neighbors, fuck

Who would you call if you needed help unclogging your
toilet? Certainly not some simple aquaintance or your fuck
buddy. What if there's no one on the level that need. How
do you change your friends level. Can you? Should you?

Is is the amount of trust you endow upon someone, or is it
the amount of trust that they create for you?

I had lunch with some co-workers today. What rung are co-
workers on in the whole ladder of friendship? Right on
top, down on the bottom or somewhere in the middle? Advice
they give, things they tell me I should do...what should I
do with that? Take it as the gospel, or dismiss it without
a second thought?

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