Lady Camaro
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2003-01-08 19:24:04 (UTC)


Today Kailee's teacher (Janet) for the Early Head Start
Program came for a home visit. We have one home visit a week
for an hour and a half so she can work with Kailee on a
variety of things. Just like preschool just earlier. Things
got out of sync over the holidays so we are just getting
back into the swing of it. Well when filling out one of the
forms in the past (right before Christmas) I expressed a
couple concerns with Kailee's behavior.....

First there is her hitting and kicking. She does it when she
gets mad or sometimes thinks it is funny. I know most
toddlers go through a phase like this so it isn't a big
thing just a little worry. Though she doesn't do this to
other kids/playmates. So that is a very good thing.

Second, when she gets mad she will throw hersef around. It
has gotten better recently but she will just throw herself
and I am worried she will hurt herself. She has many times
in the past. She takes a nap on our bed and we don't have a
headboard. The bed is up against the wall and she would
often get mad and throw herself back and crack her head off
of the (plaster) wall. Not sure how many lumps she had on
her head from doing that. Now she tends just to fall onto
the floor but I listed it anyway.

Third, breaking of her of her pacifer. I know this is my
fault. She only gets it during naps and at bedtime now but I
can't break her of it. I have tried many times in the past.
She will not sleep without it. And when she did a few times
she woke up almost every hour and won't go back to sleep
without it. And when you share a room with her and have
trouble sleeping yourself it isn't good at all.

Lastly is her problem with me leaving her alone. For her
naps I come on the computer. Since my computer is in the
bedroom it worked out nicely. But at night I used to lay her
down in her crib with her many stuffed animals and put on
some music for her. She used to play and etc until she got
tired and went to sleep. But recently she won't do that. I
have to be in the room for her to lay down or behave (at
bedtime). She will scream at the top of her lungs for me,
throw her toys out of the crib, and usually take off her
clothes (including diaper) continuing to cry until I come
in. I tried just letting her cry it out but she will scream
for an hour or two not stopping until I go "night night." It
is enough to drive me insane.

Also forgot to add her not interested in potty training yet.
Though I am not worried much at all about that. Was just on
the form and they are making it a big deal. Not sure why.
She did show interest right after her second birthday and
did go once in the potty. But the next day she would yell
and run when I mentioned the potty. So I figured she isn't
ready yet. No big deal.

The other one is her being too friendly with strangers. She
will go to anyone and loves attention. This worries me for
the future though she doesn't understand the danger in that
now. I just make sure to keep an extra close eye on her. Or
mostly make sure she is holding my hand (in public) so she
doesn't run off. We are slowly teaching her not to go to
strangers. Though I have noticed that she makes sure I am
around when she is talking to them. So that is a good sign.

So with all of this being said her teacher said that they
now can offer counselling. They have counselors in the
Program and they can speak with you and try to help your
child with your concerns. I don't have to accept it but I
can if I wish to. A million thoughts ran through my mind
when she asked me this simple question. Is it so bad that I
need help from a counselor? Or is this just a phase and I
shouldn't worry? Anyone reading this that knows me, knows
very well that I worry way TOO much. Though I feel myself
wondering, would it hurt to just try? It could actually help
in some way. Better to give it a try rather than to say
"what if" and not give it a shot. So I said yes. But I feel
like saying yes says that I can't handle my child. Does that
sound ridiculous? I know people need help at some
point....but do I really need help already? I mean she is
two years old have I failed already? Things could be worse I
know that. I just feel bad that I don't have the willpower
to let her cry things out (re her pacifer or going to bed
alone). I guess I am a sucker. Don't get me wrong she
doesn't always get her way all the time. Far from it to be
exact. Maybe that is why I give in cause she really does
"need" me/it? Either way I am iffy about the idea of a
counselor. I guess I will just have to wait and see what
happens. I will make sure to give an update in the future.

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