The void
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2003-01-08 19:01:00 (UTC)

Erm... 1st online Diary huh?dunno why i decided to
make this public. guess i just wanted to bore the general
public with my pointless rambling (as u can see)so um..hi
everyone who can read this.
guess i might as well start by having a rant and rave,i
mean that's what diaries are for right?
i'm sick of predjudice people. people that frown upon
things that appear 'different' it doesn't affect them so
why are they so botherd? got nothing better to think about
i suppose.i told my mother i'm bisexual last night. she's
being rather..shall we say, quiet with me now. even my own
mother can't accept the fact that i'm 'different' well now
i think about it, i'm not different really am i? i
mean,there are loads of gay people now. she's only just got
over the way i dress. they are just clothes dear...get over
damn, dinners ready.i'll continue later...

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