Punk in Drublic, Far too messed up...
2001-02-14 02:16:02 (UTC)

Ugh... This is my first entry..

Ugh... This is my first entry ever. I'm bored out of my
mind and not having a great life right now. Ever notice how
one minute life can be so great then the next it turns to
agonizing shit? I doubt anyone will ever read this alhtough
I kind of wish someone would. Someone I could relate to.
Tomorrow's Valentine's Day. Joy. I have no boyfriend.
No "significant other." Considering we broke up a week ago.
You know Valentine's Day was created by someone in a
relationship! Because who else would put others (every
single person not in a relationship) in such agony? Anyway,
just in case anyone ever does read this, maybe I should say
something about myself... I'm 15. My name is Jenny. I have
dark purple hair, bluish-grey eyes and i'm 5'4" and i'm
from Michigan. My favorite bands are Anti-Flag,Bad Religion
and the Sex Pistols. Punk is basically all I listen to.
Well I don't have much to say right now and i'm talking to
a lot of people so, Well Bye.. and well my words of wisdom
for now are Life is hell!