my diary that i write in when im bored,
2003-01-08 18:07:40 (UTC)


i just wanna be a rockstar what a thing to say. you'd
thing, after reading all the tabloids n junk that people
*wouldn't* want to be a rockstar. NO PRIVACY nothing dang.
fame and fortune is NOT everything. i mean im sure it'd be
great to have tonz of people know who you are and want your
autograph, but it would be really crappy too id think. i
mean dag. always going from place to place, people chasin u
around asking for your autograph, everyone noticing bad
things about you... when you look like crap... every break
up whatever. dang it would just be hard. yea lol im
listening to rockstar again i like this song its crazy. i
mean the whole song is about him wanting to be a rockstar.
i know 2 songs like this now. this one, by everclear and
one by um. i can't remember but it's kinda rap. except i
think thats called rock superstar. but that one is fun
too... by fun i mean. its... fun to sing. lol. that sounds
stupid but well thats the way i describe it. any way i
cleaned mrs carols house. dnag i feel bad lol tha she pays
me for it. she said she might start seeing if i can help
her clean once a week. she's got real bad asthma. yea any
way this guy we know rodney is moving in with them so i was
moving furniture in their spare bedroom. he's real nice
(rodney). too bad he has to live with joey *haha* no im
just kidding joey's not that bad besides they are good
friends. other wise he probably wouldn't be moving in with
them lol. ok well im real sleepy i might take a nap but ui
know what i have to find my BLACK PANTS ARG im looking for
a certain pair and i can't find them:( tonight i feel like
being dark because i haven't worn my spike neckalce in
forever cuz ive been wearing the cross Casey gave me. but i
feel like breaking out in goth again. lol. amy and garrett
said i was starting to look goth cause of all the dark
clothes i always wear and then the necklace and black
poilish.. yea lol i was like no its just the way i dress.
besides it was just black pants and like... a dark blkue
shirt the next week i purposely tried to be goth to joke
them lol. yea any way lol im going now i really want to
find those pants! theyre my fav pair and i havent worn them
in a long time. you know what i seriously think theres a
monster in the dryer that eats socks(and underwear). my
socks are constantly disappearing inbetween the dryer and
folding. arg. and then. sorry for talking about this. but i
got this pair of underwear that r really comphy and i
remember washing them, and putting them in the dryer and
Now i cant FIND them. how do thing sdisappear so FAST!?!?
goodness i keep having t obuy more socks. but then
stephanie takes mine sometimes. but still dang i've
probably got in the last year around a hundred pairs of
socks(no joke) and i only have like 6 pairs at the moment
(that are matched there are stray socks all over lol)
goodness. any way im gonna go try n find my undies and
pants. bye.
p.s. u know garrett is pretty punk i would burst out
laughing if i saw him in some american eagle clothes, or in
a suit. anything preppy or real dressy lol. i wonder what
he wore in his wedding lol.

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