ton o galaxy
2003-01-08 17:13:28 (UTC)


i was woken up by my coked out roommate(the one who is
dating my best friend...ew) watching sixteen candles. I'm
cool with all those elements except not at 8am on my day
off. I had to yell and then apoplogize foe yelling. I felt
like momma. Anyways now i am awake and have more time for

so he broke up with me. My cute italian broke up with me.
What do i do? I could'nt sleep last night and I don't know
if thst's ever happened to me before. I just tossed and
turned thinkning about how it's gone. Am i obsessing? HE
said i was being distant, but can't a girl be tired or have
some time to be weird?
I felt like he wanted to be in a serious relationship with
me and I just started processing that. I neeeded time to
figure it out! Nothing is for sure...Ahhh writing is good.
I'm gonna paint today too.

I want to move outta here. Move somewhere and just be some
faggy painter who paints on velour and has too many
animals. My lover would be some gardener who is way too
young for me but we are madly in love and want to marry
because he needs his visa. In the evenings red wine swims
in our glasses and minds constantly. My paintings are a
mixture of our love, our wine, the south, the earth, and
our time on it.

should i just call him? nah, i'm not the one who ran
screaming. he broke up with me to protect himself or so he

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