My life in a nutshell
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2003-01-08 16:40:07 (UTC)

I'm not back....

You know when I said that I'm back? Well, last night, my
computer decided to move a file and forget where it put it.
Hence, my computer crapped out again. I really hate the
POC, but that's okay. My parents decided that they don't
want to spend anymore money on their computer unless they
can get it fixed for real cheap... (that serves a hint for
Mike... I did call you last night, but you weren't there)
And I'm glad that you didn't call me judging on your last
journal entry. I really do feel sorry for you and also
remember the type of temper you have. You also know that
I've been on your bad side... the work incident when you
said that you wouldn't talk to me. :-(
Anyway, I really don't want to be at school. I just want to
be sleeping still and then wake up and find that my
computer fixed itself. That would be nice considering I got
Stepmania working on it before it crashed. I don't know
about my life right now...
I'm really surprised that work hasn't called me yet to see
why I haven't been showing up for my shifts this week... I
guess Toni finally gets it. LOL! Took her long enough.
Well, it's 20 minutes to class and I really better be
going. I wanted to check something on this computer and
don't remember what it is. Maybe after on my 2 hour break,
I'll go to Lab B and see if I can check my Hotmail there
like Lisey said I should be able to.... hehehehehe