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2003-01-08 15:59:35 (UTC)

shut up

I'm sitting in biology with Paul- it's pretty boring in here
because she talks way to much. But today isn't too bad
of a day so far. Yesterday turned out to be much better
than I had expected. :) After school I went to band
practice and just chilled- I never really talk when I'm
there anymore, but it's all good. They are pretty sweet :)
Well I was going to do my hair in dredlocks but Bingle
got my hair all gooey; and it messed up. I went to bed
pretty early- like midnight, go me! But I slept good and I
was dead tired when I had to wake up this morning so I
was in a bad mood. and it was so cold in my house.
Just no good. Me & Sam, Alicia, and Steve & Charlie
were all near each other driving to school today, it was
nifty. Well I'm not really all that tired because I was
super hyper earlier so I'm good. But I have to pee- so

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