good times, good times
2001-09-08 07:29:03 (UTC)

a perfect end to an already good day...this is me in lala land, and i'm not coming home!!

i've decided to marry john. he's awesome!! so cool...
and he called me cutie and told me i have nice hair (in
spanish as well as english-haha) i am so glad to have
finally met a guy i can be serious about

brett's being a penis-leech as usual--screw him!
who needs him? i don't!

me and megan highlighted our hair. i did blonde she did
blue, but my blonde wasn't as light as i wanted, and her
blue didn't take all though some of it looks kinda purple,
so that's cool. i don't care though. i'll buy some lighter
dye next time i get paid and do it how i want it.