Lil Ems

2001-09-08 07:04:32 (UTC)


im really glad have jason in my life. had a bad bad bad
day at skool and seeing him made me happy. we ate at
panchos with his folks (omg we were sick lol), went to a
show at cypress (stayed outside the whole time-- NO i will
NOT pay for that), and then went swimming at his house. my
favorite part, though, was after the swimming. me an jase
got into comfy t shirts n stuff, turned the lights out, and
cuddled under a blankie. i was shivering from the pool
being so cold, but he held me close and made me feel so
good. its really nice to have silent, cuddle time when you
just know everything feels, IS... perfect.


mood: hoping the time between now and me seeing jase again
will go by fast : )