Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-01-08 13:52:59 (UTC)

well, wish me luck

Tomorrow at 1P I take the GRE again, and if I don't do good
enough mom and dad won't pay for any more classes. I plan
to go get a job today, since I'm feeling better and
hopefully pick up a second job so I can earn a bunch of
money and get the fuck out of dodge. I really want to get
out of town. I am so worried about school, the GRE and
hopefully moving soon. I am so sick of everything around
here. I need a real break. I am going to take my GRE sick
and not do good, so I have to find a job and pay for
another fucking test... it costs $115 each time to take the
test. UGH! But since I know I'm not staying here, why
should I care.

I talked to my sister Christy last night, I told her about
my New Year's Eve and she agreed with me, that Amy was a
bitch and stupid. It made me happy that someone in my
family agreed w/ me about Amy being stupid and mean. I am
so annoyed... UGH!!!!

Well, I need some more sleep before I study so off (back)
to bed.

Night (day) all,


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