My diary (Ooh i'm so creative)
2001-09-08 06:40:20 (UTC)

sexual frustration is the devils curse

I wonder why it is that guys can talk so openly about
masturbation but its this major taboo for girls to talk
about it? I guess its just part of the gender roles
expected of people in our society as well...its probably
the same as how girls won't usually get fully changed in
front of eachother and stuff like that, I'm not sure though

Well today has just been SO exciting, it actually hasn't
and thats why i'm on here again. i really don't have that
much to talk about though.

I went shopping and that was alright, apart from guys
gawking at my chest, usually I don't mind too much I just
think its kinda pathetic but when its old dudes....well its
kinda gross. Its not as if i was wearing a really revealing
top...just a normal sweater, oh well get over it, like its
a big deal!

I'm getting an award for school, how wierd is that? I'm
getting it for textiles though so its not exactly academic!
i'm pretty proud all the same!

Well i found out that my best friend and guy I really
really liked but fucked stuff up with cause i slept with
him (they're the same person for those who i've just
managed to confuse!)yeah well back to the subject...I find
out that he's actually planning on going out with one of my
other really good friends....Its such a cliche and I feel
so gay for being in the whole "best friend love triangle"
thing but man I'm pissed. It just seems so much
worse 'cause that night that we slept together...he said
the nicest stuff and it was just so perfect and he made it
seem like he felt the same way about me that I did with
him...some best friend huh? Oh well I still think he's a
beautiful person...and damn him looking so good all the
time...damn me wanting him so bad still....damn him for
waning to go out with a chick that cheats on her boyfriends
consistantly...i guess things were just meant to work out
this way....damn that too though!

I said in my very first entry that I didn't want to talk
about him in here...its just so hard when hes the person
that I think about all the time!

Well a freind just rang and I'm going out so I'm going to
get going - See ya

"So long my friend don't say goodbye just give me one last
kiss beneath this glowing sky" Hello and goodbye - The