Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2003-01-08 09:21:42 (UTC)

new year blah's

8 days already

how the time flies, so far, I've managed to break 4 of the
resolutions I made.. not really all that un-expected I should think
I mean, fuck, who makes up these stupid things and actually
goes through them?

but then, again, who knows? maybe I will figure out something

as my friend, Fern so aptly pointed out, and in not so many
words... fuck it, life sucks.. you'll get over it...

so, I have decided I am getting some weights, and a bench, and I
am going to finally start going to take those kung fu classes I've
paid for but haven't gone to in a hell of a long time...

friday, getting a cable modem put in, and buying stuff for my
lunches instead of spending $12 a day at Soup Pierre...

fucking awesome sandwiches and superb soups... but fucking
expensive.... gonna go buy some lunch meats, some thick fresh
french bread, some peppers, pickles, lox, tomatoes, letuce, a bit
of dijon mustard, some hot sauce...

anyone know how to make roasted red pepper soup??



finally, I get my benefits from work... Chiropractor, Reiki
Massage, Acupuncture, Dental (which i need like mad), and a 2
new pairs of contact lenses.. colored of course... maybe red, and
violet... oh, am I going to abuse those benefits... mwhahahahaha

course it will really suck, if I end up staying with this job longer
than another 5 months... and the sad thing, is I may...

if I stick with them, they'll pay for my university courses during
the summer... which comes to around $2000, plus my books...
so... fucking bummer if I am still with them and I use up all of my
benefits in the next 3 months...


not such a good idea anymore... cept the contacts and the
dental.... and the massage and the chiro, could do them once a
week for the next 7 months, if I've calculated the costs right..

uh, 2 2=5? uh, 3 carry the .o34 add 6 minus 7 equals?

uh, 2.33333??? shit, I hate math... heh, heh

ack, oohh yeah, got an awesome plan for RRSP's... 13.5% off
every check... and I can put $3000 in this year.... mesa going
for an Agressive Portfolio...

meh, well...

thats about all for now...

funny, I feel really good right now...

weird... must be the weather... snow melted this morning... into
a lake on the front lawn... :)

got to wear my trench coat and my boots...

heh, freaked out the newbies at work....