Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-01-08 08:12:59 (UTC)

Hello Hello. I don't know why you say goodbye...

So I'm back. I tried to branch into pastures new only to
have the troll of laziness stop me in my tracks, and
despite concerted bridge-building efforts, this little
billy goat gruff found the grass distinctly greener on
this side of the ravine. As well I might.

So what have I been doing? A lot: too much to tell really,
but I'm sure it will come out over time. I've not done
anything world defying, nothing too spectacular, but I'd
like to think I've come back older, wiser and less likely
to accept a kiwi fruit. Depending who offered me it...and
what came with it. But I'd still probably say No.

Just say "No" kids, to fruits you don't like.

Any of you who wanted sensible breakdowns of days, actual
thought processes and emotions will know already that
you're out of luck, and I will trudge on as ever.
Mentioning things like the fact that my eye hurts a bit,
and has for a day or two now, and the fact that its so
comically cold that I feel my ribs could well be being
preserved for a beast of which I know nought.

And remember, kids, if your ribs are cold, you arms and
legs are f-f-f-f-freezing.

WILT? Darius - Rushes.