Relives Headtension
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2003-01-08 08:03:13 (UTC)

this is a crock

i decided that i wanted to skip ahead to a part of my life
that i really love to talk about.. that is when i first met
jason... my current boyfriend... the love of my life... i
like this story becuase its such an unconvental love
story... there no way in hell we should of made it but for
some reason we did... i had moved to arkansas for 3 weeks
to sort out my life.. i moved in with my friend and hi
sister and on my first day of being there i started my
period.. full blown.. cramps and all....after getting all
my stuff unpacked all these people camp over and started
doing coke in the bathroom.. i was pisses and not being a
coke person myself i decided to do something to calm myself
down.. i put in some sarah mclaughlin and chill.. as soon
as i feel the heat and rage leacving my body some asshole
stops the CD player and says " hey listen to my new CD it
bad ass".. I looked the mother fucker straight in the eyes
and said " hey.. nobody was listening to that"..he just
kinda cowered down and said " i'll put it back on" but it
was too late i was pissed again so i just sneered at him
and " oh its too late now". I had never seen this before
and he has the balls to change my CD i don't think so....
well he went into the bathroom and starting doing some coke
and one of friends starting joking around about it with me
and i ofcourse with my arms crossed and pissed of look just
came out with ocasional comments like billshit and asshole.
Well i had one last bowl of pot left and it was sitting the
TV and guess in his mind what he was doing something nice..
but he walks over and puts coke in my bowl of pot.. i just
watch in astionsment... then blurted out.. " great now he
ruined my last bowl of pot.. what the fuck am I suppose to
smoke now.. i don't smoke this shit" he left and i never
really thought about him again.... he lived in the aprtment
right across the courtyard. I always felt that somebody was
watching me when ever i came home from work... but i always
thought it was one the other tenates being noisey or
purposely trying to make me nervous... ( ahh the parnoid
thoughts of the single white female) well as tiem passes i
had gotten tickets to the limp bisket concert... i was
suppose to go with my best friend but for somereason we got
into such a bad fight we were not talking so i had an extra
ticket. My best friend and I never fought so it was not
only werid we fighting it was werid it was going on so long
and we wern't talking, but i had an extra ticket so i had
to think of someone to bring with me or sell to.. Me and
roomate went over options, his girlfriend was bringing him,
all our other friends were going.. so i was pretty muxh
screwed.. untill i thought i the tall screw up that was
over here... So i looked at my romate and i said " hey,
what up with your friend Jason he got a girlfriend or what"
my roomate thinking just liek a man said " i don;t think
so.. i don't it would matter if he did" i never was good
around guys.. but some reason i had this confedense around
around him that made me feel liek i was in control.. so i
called him up and played all smooth " hey man you going to
limp bizket?"
" nahh man.. i don't have a ticket"
" ahh that sux for you.. because I'm going ha ha" ( yes i
did laugh at him teasingly)
" thats cool i hope you havefun"
" you know i have an extra ticket, you could go with me"
" ww.. that would be cool.. thanx"

and ofcourse he came over for about tem mintues untill i
scared him off again. the conversation didn't go very
well.. in my head he was a dumbass.. and i think he knew
it.. my roomate said after he left " wow that boy doesn't
have a brian in his head" he pause d and then looked at me
because this was aman who knew what to say to woman " but
you have a way of doing that to guys"..... i will never
forget that what he said.. that gave me the little flicker

FOr some reason the day of the concert my confidence level
went straight threw the floor.. i was so nervous... it
didn't help that jason's roomate walked up to me and asked
me if i really had a ticket.. because jason didn't belive i
had a ticket.. i almost said fuck him after that but i
wanted to show that mother fucker i don't play fucking dumb
games.. so i got ready and walked over there and he made a
drink.. finding out what my drink of choice was.. and as we
got into my truck i grabed the ticket from behind the visor
and said " heres your ticket.. do you want it now or later"
i made sure i held real close so he would be afriad to take
it.. and ofcourse he was and he just looked down and said "
i don't need it" i just acted like i didn't know what was
going on and when along with my buisness....

at this point in time i never thought me and jason would
last more than a weekend.. if that.. i just wanted a lil
sumthin sumthin.. but we watch ing the concert and i
started getting all excited.. and i relised jason was
standing right behind me....he grabbed me and just kissed
my neck and i melted.. i totaly forgot i was in a concert..
and opps was that my confendence on the ground where
everyone is moshing because i can't say a word and here i
am about to faint. then he stopped and it was ll back to

after the concert we went to this place calle dthe road to
nowhere.. where we could ya know.... fool around... and he
told me i had the perfect breast.. he had me.. i was all
his.. he had managed to say and do all the right things in
the time aloted and now i was gonna let him do what ever he
wanted. thats how i met mr right.. go fucking figure

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