I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-01-08 07:27:05 (UTC)


I am a selfish person. I prefer if things have to do with
me. I really don't care how you feel about other people.
It's like a disease that I can't get rid of. And it's
obnoxious. They say that people can change. But once
you're old it seems so much harder to change. Why is that?
Am I really that stuck in my ways? Why do I crave so much
attention? Why?

I really don't know why. And I have honestly looked. What
is the source of that? I don't get it. Was I overlooked as
a child? Who knows. I know that I can't blame anyone
(other than myself that is). It's just...a complex. The
Me, Me, Me Complex. Add to that the low self-esteem and
the equation is complete. What is all adds up to...well,
I'm not sure. But I know it's not good.

I want what I want when I want it. But I want it my way.

How awful.


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