A Dream Gurlz Life
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2001-09-08 05:47:40 (UTC)

Days Can go from good to bad to terrific :)

Well today was kind of interesting. School was of course
boring, same crap w/some tests lol. Then tonight we had a
football game at Independence. Our team won, I saw a lot of
hotties too! lol On the wy to the game we passed the place
where one ex bf works, his house and his church, another ex
bfs house and we were in the city where another ones
restaurant is lol funny stuff! But for some reason on the
way home i was just in such a great mood i dont know. It
was kind of weird.
Then My mom picked me up at our school, and we kind of
started arguing. I dont really know about what either. but
i know i'm probably not going to go get my temps tomorrow,
i've only put it off for like over a month now cuz she
never wantsto take me or something. but i didnt talk to my
mom much more after we got home. She went to sleep and i
came to my room but whatever. Alot of things were bothering
me so i sat in my room and cried.
I was talking to my friend Derrick *btw he asked me to
homecoming and likes me* and he was telling me how my
friend Breanta *she really bothers me sometimes and is the
biggest flirt* told him he was such a sweetheart and hott
when she told me over nd over again he was ugly. Now she
got him to let her wear his practice football jersey at the
next football game. W/e shes always flirting with the guyz
i like and everything, she cnat just be happy w/her bf lol
i dunno
but then I called Derrick tonight and we talked on teh
phone for over an hour. It was great! He could tell i was
crying and was worried but i convinced him i was fine. He
was telling me all his plans. And how much he wants me to
go to homecoming with him. I hope I get to go with him
too, i think it'd be so much fuN! I think i'm really
starting to like him. He is soo sweet! He was telling me
the moment he sees me he knows hes going ot fall in love.
And he said he might even ask me out! its just so
overwelming i dunno. Niether of us wanted to get off the
phone but he had too...he wants to come to my church picnic
and see me tomorrow then go to the movies or something but
i'm not sure yet. He said hesgoing to give me the biggest
hug ever when he sees me and wont let go until he absolutly
has to. Ahh i dont know! Like we were just friends before
but now i think i'm starting to really really like him! Its
great cuz now I'm in the best mood ever, i just hope
breanta doesnt get to him, or he doesnt fall for some other
gurl cuz its happened before and of course i'm the one left
hurt. Well i think i'm going to go for now cuz its almost 2
in the morning and i ahve to get up early ttyl bye !
someone write me a message lol

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