2001-09-08 05:30:05 (UTC)

Mindless Rambling

As the days grow colder, it's harder not to see. The love I
had for you, is slipping away from me. Too much truth, and
honesty put into this. Too much heart and sould, poured out
and spent. I love you so much, but why keep trying? I'm
realizing now, it's not worth it to die.

I try to keep the open mind, be optomistic. But how can I,
when all I get is a bruised lip? There's no point, in
fighting a losing battle. Yelling into deaf ears, who never
hear the babble. Blinde eyes upon which, my most vivid
dreams play. Sooner or later, they will see my way.

Someday they will see, and hear how I feel. They'll
understand, then think it unreal. The fighting, the
straining. Nothing in this world, could hurt me more. Than
to not tell you how I feel, and let you walk out the door.