random mumblings
2001-09-08 05:23:36 (UTC)

well this is my first entry in..

well this is my first entry in my diary. it's gonna be
interesting to see a) how often i do this :) and b) who's
gonna read this. it might be therapeutic for me who
knows :) my name is craig, i am 23 and i live in ottawa,
canada. i have recently graduated and am a computer
scientist...whatever the hell that is. i work from 1-9:30
5 days a week (thursday and friday off) at compaq "helping
people". i'm sure a lot of my diary will be me bitching
about that. what do i write about? well i guess i'll
write about my day. i woke up this morning and i felt
sick...really sick, actually i felt sick yesterday
too...helluva way to spend your weekend. i'm diabetic and
i've been diabetic for about 20 years, so i'm kind of
worried that it may be diabetes-related, but i'm too
stubborn/stupid to get a regular doctor. i figure ignore
it and it'll go away :) that's a poor attitude, but i live
for the moment...carpe diem and all that crap. so i sat
around today and surfed the net, played a little internet
chess, etc. i went grocery shopping, walked 40 minutes to
the grocery store near my friends apartment (pat and kevin)
and was gonna stop by, have some beers, etc. but they
weren't home, so i said fuck it and took the bus home :) i
called up some other people to go out, and i ended up just
going to the movies with my friend Marie-Chantale and her
roommate Patricia. that kind of pissed me off too because
i had hoped to go downtown and try and pick up some chicks
because it's frosh week, so there would have been a lot of
drunk women :) oh well. so we went to go see "O" which was
a modernized version of Othello starring somebody and
somebody else. it had some basketball in it too, which i
enjoyed. the movie was okay, but shakespeare must've been
rolling over in his grave when he heard the monologues...no
joke i was cringing. definitely the best part of the movie
was when the guy was in the dunk contest and he busted the
rim, or when he was nailing julia stiles (sp?) and he
looked in the mirror and he saw his friend nailing her
instead of him and he got mad and started just giving it to
her. other people didn't think it was funny, but i thought
it was hilarious. i don't get out much :) what else
happened today? oh yeah, i was talking to my buddy clayton
(lives in toronto) and him and his girlfriend jen are
coming down on the 22nd to go to this "hawaiian luau" that
some people are holding for my friends jen and lee. jen
and lee are getting married next june...the 22nd i believe
so it's like a congrats kind of thing. should be
fine...except that i don't have a hawaiian shirt (easily
remedied), i don't have a sleeping bag and it's about 20
minutes out of town and i don't have a car...i'll have to
sweet talk somebody into giving me a ride :) well i should
really get to bed...i'm sure i've blabbed on enough and i'm
tired enough...i can blab all day...i used to chat with my
ex-girlfriend, amanda, on MSN messenger for hours and hours
about nothing, and plus i talk to morons, i mean customers,
all day on the phone :)