Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-09-08 05:21:15 (UTC)


day before yesterday was really busy, and for some reason,
i cant remember any of it, ohh yeah, first day of school
and open mic, now that was interesting, only one more day
now, and yesterday, was the second day of school, go figure
right? chad em dan and i all went to see jay and silent bob
strike back, it was cool, esspecially jays opening

Jay's Song
(begining of "Jay and Slient Bob Strike Back")

mother mother fuck,
mother mother fuck fuck,
mother fuck, mother fuck,
noiche, noiche, noiche,
noiche ,noiche, noiche,
smokin weed, smokin weed,
doin coke, drinkin beers,
drinkin beers, beers, beers,
rollin fatties, smokin blunts,
who smoke the blunts?
we smoke the blunts,
and rollin blunts and...

~punk kid~ lemme have a nickle bag

15 bucks, lil man,
put that shit, in my hand,
if that money doesn't show
then u owe me,
owe me, owe me,

i have almost all of that song memorized! Its a great song,
and mr p gave me the lyrics. emily wasnt feeling all that
well, but she was well enough by the time it was for us to
go to the movies she went with and we met sarah and chuck
there, and they gave me popcorn!

I think for my b-day all i really want for gifts, if i
acctually get some, i like card, and buttons (pins) and i
want the johnny the homicidle mainiac comics, i have number
one, but thats it, and art supplys of course! :) i think i
am easy to get stuff for, so its all good, i love
everything. yeah, well i am dead tired, and i have been
dissoriented all day, so if i am going to get all that
fucking home work done, then i gotta get to sleep, so i can
acctually wake up before or around noon to do the work, and
take a shower, thats always nice! good night everyone!


in the words of happy noodle boy :
"Yeah, you! I know what you really are! I can't prove
it, but I'm onto you!! Gimme some cheese!"