Thoughtless Meanderings
2003-01-08 05:50:26 (UTC)

January 7, 2003

If you're thinking that I got the title from the movie then
you'd be right cause I saw it the other day and loved it.

Today I applied for a job at Bath & Body Works, I did a
tarot reading last night and I found out that I should get
a job within the week and seeing as how I did this on a
Monday a week is Sunday. I just pray that I get the job
cause I'm at the point where I really need to get out of
the house but I can't do that yet so first I need a job
cause I really would like some money, and it will get me
out of the house. I don't know if I still or yet believe in
the tarot seeing as how I never take many things in my life
seriously except men.

Other than that I had a bit of a frustrating mind you and
funny conversation with a person who I seriously and
wholeheartedly believe is certifiable and belongs in an
institution 50 feet underground. I was given a spell to
kind of get rid of him for a bit so I'm gonna do that
first. If that doesn't work than I'll just have to kill
him. No big deal though killing in my life is an everyday
occurence, it's almost like my calling.

I am also scheming my way into my neighbor's pants as soon
as I get rid of his girlfriend, because he is absolutely
fuckable. I'll tell that story of how I met him tomorrow.

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