Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2003-01-08 05:42:59 (UTC)

im losing my voice


well today was a "blah" day. i dont have my car, i havent
talked to mark in a few days, i havent talked to my
boyfriend in a couple days, it was all dry and hot (80's)
when its still january, tommy didnt work today, and i think
im losing my voice.

i think i sound like a frog but some guys commented that i
sound super sexy today. i think im getting an upper
respiratory infection. i hate those! blah.

so yeah. today wasnt a great day.

but i did call tommy a lil while ago. heres how that went:
T=tommy M=me (incase you couldnt figue that out)

T: Hey, whats up sexy?
M: Not much. Hey tommy...
T: Huh?
M: I looooove you.
T: I love you too.
M: Can you do me a big favor?
T: Yeah, sure. What?
M: Can you give me a ride to work tomorrow?
T: Oh yeah. Sure. No Problem.
M: Ok thank you lots!
T: Just call me tomorrow and wake me up.
M: Ok. like what time?
T: Um, like, hmm...i should get up around Noon. So call me
then and i'll get up and get ready, and pick you up at 1:30.
M: Ok. Thank you. Love you!
T: Love you too.
M: Bye.
T: Bye.

Hehehehe! I love him sooooo much. He's such a sweety!

So yeah. my dad still has my truck. Blah! i hate him! grrr.

hmmm....i wanna talk to someone but the only people i want
to talk to are unreachable. I think John is at school. and
Mark...well i dunno where hes at. i dunno if he moved into
his old place yet. i hope so. maybe i'll call.

anyways...ok yeah....bye.