my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-01-08 05:19:06 (UTC)


hey! its like... 12:21 am im not bed cuz im listening to
rockstar by everclear its a fun song i like this part cuz
its changing but ne way. i love gum. i love pickles. i love
cats. i love SNOW arg i want snow! it melted its all gone
now. *sigh* well theres always tomorrow(thats what i told
my sweetie) man. im reading. anmd im readin a aghatha
christie book cuz i couldnt find the nancy drew book i
wanted to read. i used to LOVE nancy drew. i still liek
reading them lol. so any way this agatha christie book is
about all these people that go to a isnald and then slowly
die one by one... its weird. not as weird as stephen king
(or does he spell it steven?? i think he spells it
stephen). or that book i read see jane run. that was a good
book, yet very disturbing lol. o dear. lol i have to get up
and help mrs carrol clean and she's picking me up at 9 i
think i havent got a clue i forgot when she said she'd pick
me iup lol so i guess im geting up at 830 to be sure lol...
im so forgetful sometimes. yea well i think ill go wash my
face brush my teeth and get some beautfy sleep(like it
works lol). no pseriously if sleep actually made you
beautiful i'd probably be the most beautiful person ever
cause i slepe so much. sleep rocks. but its only called
beauty sleep cause its restorative... i learned that in
psych class...i guess writing all those notes did make me
learn something! any way night