My Journal...sorta lol
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2003-01-08 05:14:08 (UTC)

yay bucks not 1-7-03

yea so this day started out crappy... i wake up at 2am and
hear my cat about to puke cuz he makes this certain noise
w/e the important thing here is hes on my frickin bed! so im like "oh
shit no muta!" grab him and put him on the ground, unfortunately he
started to puke once i picked him up yea cat puke in the
hands...yummy!! so then! i clean it all up and go back to bed... w/e
then im blow drying my hair after my shower this morn. and my
hairbrush snaps in two pieces, not the actual brush but the handle
arg! so w/e i go to school it was gay... then i come home and find a
letter to me from the Gallaghers... so i opened it and it said they
got my letter that i left at Chris' grave and that ive grown into a
beautiful woman (i gave a senior pic of mine) and that ill always
hold a special place in their hearts... it was nice to hear from
them, they were like my second family...

yea so then i get ready for the bucks game, then i get stu,
v, and dan and we got some food, then we got alan and went
to the game... it was a lot of fun even tho we lost lol
jeff was at the game so he came up by us at halftime,
random ex-mark called during the game lol oh and after the
game was almost ending, i ran down to the court to see toni
lol and as they were walking to the locker rooms, i was
like "yea toni i love u!!" and i waved and he turned and
nodded and waved and i was like YES lol yea then w/e it was
so fun in the parking structure on the way home... "were
goin downtown" lmao those cans got no air whatsoever lol so
i take ppl home, dan was dropped off last for convienience
reasons... so w/e i was having a blast and then we get to
his house and he got out... so why after he got out of the
car, after patting me on the back did i start to cry?its like
honestly i had a great time tonight and it was fun and i wasnt cryin
cuz he doesnt like me like i used to like him but its more like i
didnt want him to go cuz Lord knows when were gunna do something
again cuz lately we havent chilled much.. and he didnt even give me a
hug and he always used to and that hurt so much and idk why...
i honestly stopped seeing him as more then a friend awhile
ago but its like i still wanna get a hug like i used to lol...
idk well w/e that combined with the fact that i wanna
drag him along to winterlude with me (cuz damnit i had fun
at homecoming lol) but he wont wanna go but w/e hes my
friend theres no harm in asking.... yea so now im sooo
tired and cant wait to go to bed!!


well so its the next day (wednesday) and im reading over this and
after thinking about everything, last night was so fuckin fun idk why
i was upset over something stupid.... lol w/e its all good im happy
with things so yea lol thats all i wanted to add......