Electric monkey
2001-09-08 05:01:27 (UTC)

9-7-01 [black skies]

the sky is black now, indicating that its night time,
around 12pm. but anyway. i just got home from a wonderful
night. =) now im eating a crunchy, maple and brown sugar,
granola bar. sounded good, and indeed it IS good. so thats
tonight was nice because of being at rhinos and hearing
cardboard and laughing a whole bunch, and sitting outside
talking on the benches, but most off all because i played
with grahams hair the whole time. yep. gel is an exciting
thing. there are so many possibilities! and plus its just
obsessive to sit there/stand there and play with basically.
so sorry if that was annoying. =P [that was to graham,
unless anyone else felt it was annoying as well.
hehehehehhe]yeah,fun fun! dum dee doo.
so what else.. nothing really. ive decided to stand up to
my enemy and sleep in my room tonight. but probably not in
my bed still. ive got to ease onto that... ive got to show
that big nasty spider whos boss. ive got to take my room
back. yeah, anyway.
im just so happy and giddy or whatever. yeah... i got to
paint a lot of ppls nails today. ok, 2, but thats more then
just mine, what i regularly do, so there. and i enjoyed it
muchly, and and and, yeah. =))) woohoo.
tomorrow will be a good day too. more live music and more
people. and graham told me hed put gel in his hair again,
so thats good. ill have something to do. ;)
but anyway. ive got the statue of liberty on my hand.
jessica put it there and its starting to smudge off, which
is sad. she has super hot dog man on her hand along with a
bomb, pig, and a fry [from the fry bergade] and thats all i
think. so yeah. what a variety.
anna dances in puddles.
graham wants to wear my chuck taylors.
granola bars are good at midnight.
old man clothes are weird, yet very stylish.
an old man died in grahams clothes, only not
in conclusion tonight was an "enjoyable evening" and i wish
to have an "enjoyable day" tomorrow as well. everyone come
to my house and we're car pulling!!!!!!!! =) mainly because
i live near town and ive a large amount of parking space
availible. =)
so, i will talk to you later!!!!!