2001-09-08 04:50:38 (UTC)

Another Tim Subject....

The deafening screams never compard to the dead silence
afterwards. The sound of hearts breaking never compared to
the crying afterwards. The slap never hurt so much until
the realization sunk in. Nothing is as bad as it seems at
first...But then it gets worse.

No one understands why I like Tim...And no one understands
why I think he's sensitive. No one seems to comprehend how
I feel is none of their buisness. They don't seem to
understand that Tim's life and mine aren't public affairs.
I know Tim likes Shelly...But that's his buisness. And she
possibly likes him...But that's her buisness. How come
nothing is ever my buisness? No one ever likes me...No one
ever seems to care. Why am I rejected...Hated?
Misunderstood? Why does it seem so simple to understand
Shelly and Tim but so complex to comprehend that I need and
want what they already seem to have?

Tim doesn't seem to understand that I know what he means by
confused. I'm confused about what to do...To stop liking
him just to please him...But how? And is it supposed to be
easy or something? Or should I follow my feelings and keep
liking him because it's my life? But then again, it
conflicts with his. So should I just try to stop liking
him? Or is it my buisness who I like? Maybe I should talk
to Tim..Not that he wants to talk to me.