It smells like poop over here
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2003-01-08 04:00:41 (UTC)

in case of fire...

break the glass...blahblahblahblah!" yeah taproot, keep
rockin, even though you "never got support in detroit" fuck
that, how would they make it big if they never got support
in their home town? well, they're actually from ann arbor,
but same thing. suicide machines are from pontiac, but
i just read my last entry, and im a still a little
pissed about that match. i've got another though. february
8th, im working rich. i have to do this right. i haven't
had one good match yet, and im working one of my best
friends, someone i've known for years, in and out of the
ring. i've got to this one properly. no botches, no fuck
ups, no accidents, just pure fluidity. total non chalance.
im hoping to get up to the ring this week. fuck the miles
on the car, i need to work out. i need to train. i bet it's
been going on 3 months that i've not trained. maybe longer,
im not too sure.
i still haven't tried to get into shape either, i think
im gaining weight actually. im eating shit, drinking pop,
less and less water, drinking a lot, smoking out and eating
more and more shit plus im not lifting weights or getting
exercise. why accomplish a dream halfassed? why accomplish
all i've wanted by doing the minimum? i need to do this.
plus it'll just be before for my health anyway. maybe i can
get a few chicks this way too. hehe. im outty, i've got a
notebook for christmas i can express my emotions in, but i
love this thing too. PEACE


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