Dreamers Girl

girlz got it rough
2001-09-08 04:00:23 (UTC)

blushes and crushes

Wow I've never been so embarassed. I guess I should start
from the beginning. Last Tuesday I called Cody and asked
him to the dance and I was all happy because he said yes
well then I fell completely head over heals for him and I
was talking to my cousin on Msn and I just blirted out I
love Cody and I just found out it wasen't Brian it was Cody
(Cody knows My cousins password)But of course I diden't
find that out tell a few hours ago from my best friend
alicia. But I'm getting ahead of myself because actually
first Cody asked me out and I said yes so now we went from
friends to boyfriend and girlfriend. But then Alicia called
and told me she was just talking to cody and she told me
about the embarassment thing aand she told me about how
cody said he diden't like me. I know the embarassment thing
is true but I'm not really sure about the don't like me
thing. I mean Alicia has always had a bad rep for lieing
and cody has always been such a sweetheart I'll find out
tomorrow and I'll update you on it.ok.toodlez.bye