chronicles for the clinicly insane
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2003-01-08 02:38:58 (UTC)

Fear and Loathing in Gym Class

I was just about halfway through computer engineering
when the drugs began to take hold...

You never know exactly what to expect when experimenting
with strange drugs. Especially when your drugged up loser
friend who spells his name like a woman suggest you try
large amounts of strange red pills.(thats right kris) But
me being my normally all too trusting self went along with
the half baked plan. I use the term half-baked considering
the considerable amount of suprisingly potent marijuanna
that had just been partaken of when we hatched the hair
brained plot for world domination.

You see Coriciden otherwise known as triple c's skittles or my
normal cold medication due to my high blood pressure is known to
produce strange effects if taken in a dose that is at least three
times the norm.My rather mush-headed associate decided it would be a
grand idea to partake of 4 times normal dose so the school day would
go by much faster. I of course accepted gladly.

The plan was to take the little nuggets of self destruction about an
hour before school so they would take effect soon after the bell
rang. then the world was ours for the tripping. Unfortunatly,
my "excitement" clouded my mind and i forgot that in my schedule I
had a class that required strenuous physical activity.

Yes for this day and this particular class I was in the weight
room and my drugs had kicked in with the intensity of your average
freight train. Skittles cause a strange sort of trip. one half of
your head says "hell yeah lets take this to the limit" and the others
say mellow out before you die. Unfortunately, this being my first
time all I wanted to do was sleep. But he wouldnt let me. Brandon
Sergeant. A rather sad testement to the blatently yet seemingly
completly ambigiously homosexual American male jock felt it nessesary
to desturb my slumber with an odd rubber band type thing to the
head. When I responded in kind seemingly hours later though probably
mere seconds(drugs tend to destort time), he felt it neccesary to
give me a rather girly shove. All in all not too unexpected to your
normal conformed citizen, though me in my rather transendental state
was utterly unprepared and lost my ballance. Time stood still as i
seemed to catch every moment of my decent frame by frame. after that
Instinctively removed my jacket and glasses in prepartion for the ass
whipping of the century. Just then I realized that in this state
there would be a beating though probably at the wrong hands so I
decided to make amends, though my words and gestures appeared
somewhat mimed like a monkey on all to much tranquilizers.

Anyway after that little endulging experience i decided that
this world had seen too much of me and i decided to find a better
place to take my vacation. I found a secluded corner of the gym and
proceded to ponder infentessimaly small obejects for the remainder of
the period. The rest of my day went relatively the same... untill
the bats but thats a story for later until then eternally yours in
trust and through storm

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