Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2001-09-08 03:47:09 (UTC)


I went to a football game tonight. It was our first home
game of the season. I never went to football games last
year, cuz I was always scheduled to work on Fridays. So
Laura and I decided it would be fun, even though we know
nothing about football (I can PLAY... I'm actually pretty
decent at it, although for some reason I always end up
playing when I'm in high heels, hose, and short skirts!),
and besides, we wanted to see the half-time show- Amy's
on dance line, among other things. We took a heffalump and a woozle
with us, because they had NEVER EVER seen a football game. We met
sarah, Brant, Mike, Anish & Melody there. Laura put her vast
knowledge of the game to work, giving us play by plays
(when the other side cheered, she'd say "that was bad",
when our side cheered, she stated "that was good". When a
time out was called, she would state authoratatively "they
should tell the players to score a touchdown"). We won!
21-7, so we went out to Steak and Shake to celebrate. And
we lived happily ever after. The End.