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2003-01-08 02:01:01 (UTC)

School Daze

Yeah, cop out title, sue me. Anyway, today was my first
day of class for this semester. Math and US Government. So
far, so good. Though books are frickin' expensive and I'm
practically broke (again!). But I'm hopeful. I WILL make
it through, by hook or by crook. Thursday is fencing, and
I'm kinda nervous now. I'd rather not say why, but I am.

In other news, any time spent with Brandyn is just fine by
me. I picked him up from daycare and we went to dinner
with Erin. If you have never been, go to Roadhouse. It's
an excellent mid-priced steakhouse. We had a good time,
and taught Brandyn new sayings, like "Holy cow!" and "Good
grief!". That's always entertaining. Then we went to Ross
because I needed new pants to wear to work. I went to
Super Wal-Mart after class today, but found nothing. And
at Ross, the pants that I found were better, nicer, and
cheaper than Wal-Mart. Just another reason to add to my
dislike of Wal-Mart. Give me Target or give me death!

Back to Brandyn. We were having a back and forth insult
fest in the car on the way home. It was interesting
because it consisted of gross things that you eat. Example:

B:"You eat trees!"
L:"Oh yeah? Know what you eat? You eat grasshoppers!"
B:*squeals in laughter*"Well you eat dog doo!"
L:"Yum, I love me some good doody. MmmmMMMM!"
B:*howling at that fact that I enjoy dog doo*

It degraded down from there. (Tangent: Take a kid to
Roadhouse on Tuesday nights and they eat free. How cool is
that?) He's a good kid and really sweet. I love wiping
stuff off his face because he has really soft cheeks. But
it is nice to have him be sad that I'm leaving and I hope
to have kids like him (only mine will be better *grinning*)

Thus sayeth me.


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