What are you, some kind of Adrien?
2001-09-08 03:18:21 (UTC)

Out of habit...

I really have nothing to write about today. Not exactly.
Well, Kayla's party..but..I'm really just writing out of
habit. I should be in bed.

Kayla's party proved to be very fun. We hung out, and
played chinese whisper (Crazy purple monkey feet and it's
rip off Crazy happy flower dance!!). I brought Get Real,
but we ended up not watching it. Get Real is my baby.
Trevor stole it. Trevor is a paedo.

Is it alright to be very jealous of someone, so much that
you want to horribly disfigure someone else? Nevermind, I
don't REALLY want to horribly disfigure anyone...

It's absolutely freezing in my house. I'm wearing my kick
ass trenchcoat, but...I'm still frozen. Something's wrong
with this picture.

Well, I'm horribly sorry that this is so short. I guess,
I'll leave you off with a poem I wrote today. (Yay for
poetry improv and drinking mercury for listening to it!)

I watched you today
So cool
So confident
I could be the one
You have your arm around
That you'd look at me
And smile at me
The way you do at her
I'd love to
Run up to you
Confess everything
Tell you
Everything I feel
But what would happen
Once I was done
Pouring my heart out
I'm not sure
If you'd talk to me again
And I'm already
Hanging desperately
Onto the few words
That we shared

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