Things to know
2003-01-08 00:45:58 (UTC)

Alot of stuff has happened

The first day back to school was alright. It sucked cause i
went to school i realized my best friend wasnt there, so it
sucked. and then the girl I really liked is moved out of
the only class I have her with. I mad at myself for not
giving my best in all my classes last semester and now i
have to pay for by not gitting to play for 3-4 weeks, so i
miss the first to district games and that really sucks.
This makes me realize how bad i want to play. So now Im
going to try my best in every class so i can play. Today I
hung out with Jamie after school and it went awhole lot
easier than i thought it would, so that makes me feel
awhole lot better about anything happening between us. I
really think something could work out. Im getting over the
butterflies i get when im around her so i can openen up a
lil more. I feel like an ass cause i feel like i hurt kelan
cause she has been all sad and stuff. and that really
bothers me cause she is my best friend. I want her to be
happy but i know what am doing is keeping her from being
happy. My emotions are going from one thing to another,
when im around jamie im all happy, but then i hang around
kelan and i feel like shit cause im making her unhappy. and
that bothers me awhole lot. I wish I could make them both
happy. I really want to be with Jamie in a more than a
friend relationship, but I know its best if we get to know
each other better. So maybe sometime soon we can get
together. This shit is starting to suck without seeing my
best friend at school. I really wish he was there. But i
guess there is nothin i can do. well this is all i have for
now. be back later to write more!!!!