The land of unknown
2001-09-08 02:21:24 (UTC)

It's only this way, falling on my own

well, once again, i've hit a new rock bottom. and then
came back. not only had i been drawing, but i tabbed
more stuff on the guitar. i tabbed all of 'Transparent' by
Spineshank. and tabbed a bit more of 'Asthmatic'. no
one ever has all the tabs for it. and i was talking with
Dustin earlier. Dustin is one of the guys i hung out with
at my real school. boy, did he get into some deep shit.
he was cought cheating on his girlfriend, then broke up,
got back together, but he says things are still a little
difficult. and i was also talking with Amanda. the chick
from animation that i sat next to last year. it seems
every one has been having troubles lately. she's been
having problems with the boyfriend. see, his name is
Sean, and he's best friends with this dude, Danny. in
my opinion, Danny is u'r basic friendly ass hole. is an
ass hole but thinks he's just being friendly. anywho,
they always tell everything to each other. Amanda feels
left out and over done by Danny. and then Sean and
Danny get mad at each other, then stop talking to each
other. Amanda feels happy. she gets more time with
Sean. then the two dudes make up and are happier
then ever. meanwhile, Amanda now feels worse. Danny
and Sean are closer but Amanda and Sean are further.
she's tried to tell Sean how she feels before, but he
says it's guy stuff. then says something he should
never say to his girlfriend. 'it's personal'. what an idiot!
but we talked and i gave her a little advise. she's going
to tell him the whole story this time. hopefully, he's not
that big of an idiot and will listen and understand
instead of come back with that 'it's personal'. but i think
i'm feeling better. feeling a bit more myself.