2001-09-08 02:02:50 (UTC)


the other night my friend was over and we went into my moms
room to talk to her and she had a spoon and when i said mom
she hid it. as if she was using it for something like
heroin. i was like um ok and pretended nothing happened. a
couple days later i went into her room and these people who
have been around here a lot recently were in there and i
know for a fact the guy deals dope and when i walked in i
heard something about how you put the water on something
and the girl who was sitting in a chair in front of me
kinda like got freaked and was like "uh(my moms name) and
he hid whatever it was he was doing. so does anyone think
this means my mom is doing drugs?? i mean she was way into
them in hs and a year ago she was doing them also so...???

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