my life, my love and my happiness?
2003-01-07 23:41:40 (UTC)

down here at the pawn shop lalalalala

ok so yeah i almost didnt get up for school this morning
b/c my mom wasent there to wake me up and yeah that would
have been shitty!!! ok so i got to school and i walked in
the door and the bell rang and i was late to math. then i
told her that i forgot my book so i left and walked around
forund lauren and copyed her homework and then went back
to class 10 min later. it was so fucking gay i hate
math!!!! ughhhhhhhh.......... then i went to um oh yeah
ais and went on the computer all class then went to the
libary for gym and i talked to liz all class........ then
lunch... that was interesting let me tell you. ok so i get
there and i was like were the fuck is kate? she left to
smoke and get dobies GeRRRRRR i was so madd!!!!! then the
crew comes in to lunch and they thought that they were
pissing me off but they really wernt so.....i just want to
laugh in her face about so much stuff. haha
then i went to govnt an i accually got some work done... i
have half of the power point thing layed out. wohoo for me
and kate. well kate wasent paying any attention b/c she
was blazed out of her mind but what ever. no hard feelings
girl.. ok ?
then i went to food and nut. we are making a dinner of
something i guess our is some pinapple thing. that is all
our stuff is is pinapple. i want to make italina but no
one else wants it. "it will be so fattening". well i am
not anerexic so i would eat it. good fucking god how can
ppl watch what they eat. b/c i know i cant. i love food i
dont even care if i get fat. ok so yeah and then i left
school with maria and we went to wal-mart and to mcdonalds
and ate mad food. then we came back here and ate dinner
that her mom had made and now i am sitting on her floor
and she is doing homework and shit. i got a tone of stuff
to do but yeah like always i dont feel like doing it. ok
well i dont have anything to say but in your face!!!!!im
listing to: sublime and maria and my lovely voices

many maany hits!!!! ok so it is 8:40 and i wanna go to bed like
right now i am exausted. me and amria are watching small vill and we
were so pissed b/c gilmore girls was suposed to be on but no this
shit had to be on and it is a repeat on top f it all. what the fuck.
ok well i am gonna go um yeah smoke a bowl!!!!