Muh Got Damn Thoughts and Feelings!
2001-09-08 01:56:54 (UTC)

Today - 07, Sept. 2001

Dayum! Today was a decent day I suppose. Mike got a fucking
phone call--grrrrr! I was so jealous. But why do I do that?
He ain't my nigga and I ain't gonna wait anotha 3 years, I
can see dat now! But got dayum I can't stand it, I feel
like a traitor when I talk online cuz I get mad when he do,
den I go and talk. I tell ppl bout Mike tho. And I also
tell em I aint doin' shit wit em, its so got dayum
frusturatin. He tellin ppl he really wanna meet em, and
here I am turnin da niggaz down like dey is ugly or sumden.
But dey sooo dayum fine... Emm mm mm. But I only need one
nigga to fuck, I aint finna be no ho. One bitch aint nuff
fo him tho. And the way he be talkin to my auntie, then
tellin me he aint wanna do nothin, dats bothering. Grrrrr--
Im so fucking confused, but I dont want to quit da nigga,
cuz hes fun to sleep wit. Wakin up cuddled at his back, but
Itd be so much nicer if he cuddled a lot back ya know.
Errrrr....Im finna smash, I gotta niggaz numba just from
walkin my baby down the street, and Im thinkin bout callin
his ass.