my so called life
2003-01-07 23:04:48 (UTC)

My dear grandmother

So.. what's new?
My grandmother is ill.. actually, she's been ill for the
last three years or so, but now it's really bad. She was
admitted to the hospital yesterday, ambulance and all.
She's got Parkinson (the same disease as Mohammed Ali and
Michael J. Fox have). She was diagnosed with Parkinson a
couple of years ago after beeing very weak for some time.
After that, things have gotten worse day by day, and now
she's very sick. Well, she is after all 79 years old. She
is weak and in a lot of pain - but now they have given her
a lot of morfin. The best/worst thing is that her head is
perfectly fine. It's just her body that is very tired.
Because of her illness (Parkinson), she has trouble moving
and speaking. It's indeed a horrible disease. So over the
last years she has faded and is not the grandmother I used
to know and adore. Don't get me wrong, I still love her to
death, but it's difficult to reach her.. she doesn't say
much and gets easily tired. I used to adore my grandmother.
She was this big, curly (her hair) loving person. She used
to warm my feet when they were cold by sitting on them. She
was, as a grandmother should be, a little overweight, so
she had big, soft ties. *laughs* Sounds corny, but it was
nice. She would always have candies for me. But best of
all, she always had time for me. When she used to babysit
me and my brother, she would always read for us. Both her
and my parents used to read a lot to me, and I can thank
them for loving to read and write. I owe my perfect marks
in Norwegian to their time and reading. But my granny was
special. She loved reading as well, and would often stay up
all night to finish a good book. And when she babysat, she
would often read an entire book for us - my brother and I
never wanted her to stop. And me and granny used to play
cards. When I was little she let me win, and when I got
older and she didn't do that anymore, I would call her
names when she won. I remember her laughter when I did
that. I would get myself all worked up, but it was just
funny, cause I would never (and still rarely do) use curse
words. I miss that granny, but I am thankful that I had
such a wonderful grandmother and I hope I one day become
that kind of a granny.
I'm not saying that she's perfect.. cause who is?
But I know that she loves me, and that's all I'm asking for.

Enough about that. Gonna start a new entry.