ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
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2001-09-08 01:44:35 (UTC)

hard + wet = fun

hard wet = fun :)

ergot hard jjq wet = amazing

free thinking brainwashed = heated, interesting

challenging questions inquiring mind = shaky foundations

patient frustrating = long suffering :) (thank goodness)

honest and open honest and mostly open = surprises
(maybe 'shocks'?)

saving from God saving from self = stalemate (so far.. ;)

realistic idealistic = solid ideas given wings.. (and
vice versa)

more experienced keenly interested lol = fun experiments
and new experiences..

sensual romantic = passion and gentleness..

ergot ju ju queen = our sexy, fun, secure, adventurous,
tender, brutally honest, stimulating and loving haven.. :)

It's like coming home.. to a place you want to be.


(add more if you think of any.. :)

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