I never wanted a desk job...
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2003-01-07 22:40:30 (UTC)

Another day, another thousand brain cells killed from boredom...

Well, another week well under way. I’ve plum run out of
things to do this afternoon, so here I sit, waiting for the
clock to get to 4:00 and M comes to pick me up. Until
then, I’ve got to suffer through this cookie smell that’s
been wafting through my area…I don’t know where it’s coming
from, but it’s driving me nuts….it’s probably a candle or

Good news, though, he got a job! He went in to visit the
manager this morning, and filled out all the legal mumbo-
jumbo. It’s going to be part-time for about a month and a
half, which is a bummer, but at least it’s something.

Life’s been pretty uneventful lately, actually. It’s going
on mid-January, and there’s no real snow yet, which is just
fuckin scary for Western Montana. The mountains have snow,
but nothing in the valleys. I would like to go camping
this summer, but at this rate, they’ll have everything
closed by June.

This weekend was nice, we both had the days off, so we got
to spend some quality time together. Friday we went out to
our usual karaoke spot, and I got pretty toasty. Got to
sing more than usual, though! Bought a new computer desk
for home and spent 5 hours putting that together on
Saturday, and then spent Sunday setting up the computer.
My folks gave me their ‘old’ computer, which isn’t really
that old, they just are all-of-a-sudden rich, so they spend
like crazy. Gee, why wasn’t life like that when I was a

Hm, twenty minutes left. I’m feeling pretty damn dull
today, so I’m going to sign off. Should’ve told Matt to
come get me early! Anyway, ya’ll have a nice day out there
and don’t blow and drive.