Stacey Marsh

my messed up life...
2000-11-05 02:35:52 (UTC)

Well I m doing better now! I..

Well I'm doing better now! I haven't been saved yet, but hopefully I
will on wednesday. Anyways I like this guy who is really nice and his
name is Justin, he doesn't do all that bad stuff that I "used" to do
which is good. Hopefully he is going to ask me out! I also like this
guy I work w/ his name is elvis (it's short for a spanish name that I
can't pronounce right)he's so nice but I think he has a gf but I'm
not sure. He doesn't don't drugs or drink either, which is good, I
have never done drugs in my life I just thought I'ld say that.
Oh and last night Josh's new gf Tiffany(the bitchy slut) called my
house on Josh's cell phone and threatened me sayin she's gonna kick
my ass and hunt me down and kill me which I'm not taking seriously
cuz she's just a little freshmen and I could kick her ass any day!
But I wouldn't unless I absolutely had to cuz fightings not my thing.
Anyways after that call my friend sandra called her back and she
answered and sandra's all "Is Josh there?" and Tiffany asked who it
was and sandra said she was Josh's gf and Tiffany just started goin
off! It was hella funny she got so pissed! Me and sandra were
cracking up when we hung up. After that she called back and Tiffany
was callin me all these names including a cunt, but my sister was on
the phone and I wouldn't get on the phone so Josh got on the phone
and told my sister to put me on the phone but my sister told him I
wouldn't, so josh said he wasn't mad or anything so to put me on the
phone but I still said no so I had Cathy tell him I didn't wanna hear
it and that I had a new bf so then josh got mad and said he only like
me to get a piece of ass and that I was a slut so that just shows
that he's jelous that I have a new bf because he wasn't mad untill he
heard that.(Idon't really have a new bf I just said that). But
anyways I'm going to a hella tight concert on the 22nd of this month
it's gonna have Shaggy, Ludencris, Mya, and a bunch of other people
and I got floor seats in row 10!
Well I gotta go!