Procrastination is Key
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2003-01-07 22:09:04 (UTC)

Sorry guys- heres the deal with break

Not sure why I didnt write anything over christmas break-
but its probably because when I was on the internet it was
actually for a purpose rather than random
procrastination/boredom techniques. Anyway- when asked if I
was ready to get back to school my answer was definitely no.
I didnt see enough of my friends, I wasnt even home that
much, and I do not want to start doing work again. After
being home for just a day my family went to upstate NY where
it was very cold but I definitely enjoyed the white
christmas we had and of course all the crazy family members
we have up there. When I got home there was a day of
christmas celebration with the other side of the family, and
then the next day Michael arrived for a little visit:-) On
New Years Eve I travelled with him to Savannah where we met
up with his family in route to the Gator Bowl the next day.
Over all the expericence was rather enjoyable- just wish I
had a wind breaker for the game! So... finally I am home
with nothing ahead of me except to just relax- but this was
Wed and I moved back into my dorm on Sun. Not much of a
break. I did get a chance to work out at the Y a few days so
that was good, and I got to hang out with Jereme for like 30
min too- great to see the boy.
So now its back to the school thing- the first day of class
was today and I only had one that I had to go to, so it
didnt suck overall. I have been trying to be productive for
the last day and a half since I have lots of materials to
get together by Feb for studying in Manteo next fall and
hopefully getting an internship this summer!
I think maybe I have done enough for today so I'll just rest
up for some hard core classes tomorrow, not to mention
working in the bookstore.
.....Michael and I met one year ago today.....