jon's babie forever
2001-09-08 01:08:03 (UTC)

I'm Seeing Things

*~Thanks Diana and JellyBeans88 for the feedback! Luv ya!~*

I finally started high school last Tuesday. It's all cool,
but I tend to forget that I'm at school and not High School
group. I have seen people that remind me of a few of my
Platoon friends, but there are a few guys out there that
remind me so much of Jon I have to stop and make sure it's
not him.

I bet you're thinking something like, "Well, if they're so
much like Jon then why don't you just go for them instead?"

It's not like that.

You see, if I'm walking down the hall with a few of my
friends I always look at the people passing us so see if
it's someone I know. If I see a guy that reminds me of Jon
I watch them around their friends. When they pass me I
smile at them and sometimes I say hi. As soon as they reply
I know they're not like Jon at all. They might have the
body language, but they don't have the personality, the
looks or even the sense of humor. It disappoints me a lot
of the times. So I guess that means for now my target is

That's absolutely fine with me.