Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2003-01-07 20:57:10 (UTC)

An Extra Week Of No School

Hooray! I'm so happy! I get an extra week of no
school. I thought school started again on the 6th, but it's
actually not until the 13th! Woohoo! I have to re-learn how
to sight read again before my audition on the 14th. That's
aweek away. I just need to refresh my memory on the little
tricks, such as a 5-note jump would be twinkle twinkle (the
first note jump of twinkle twinkle little star). There's
more, I just have to rememeber them. Hopefully I'll get
into choir even if I suck it up on the reading part.
I only know one of my final grades, an A in Eng1A. I
wish the other teachers would kick it into gear so I don't
have to wait so goddamn long to see what my grade in the
class is.
Anyway, not much is going on, except for preparing for
school. Oh, but we found out Lily's baby is going to be a
girl, and she and Her Ryan are thinking of naming it
Aurora. I like that name, I hope they stick with it. I also
hope she tells her parents soon, because she's into the
third trimester already (I don't know anyone but Lily who
could pull this off...)
That's all for now, bye!