Blood and Chocolate
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2001-09-08 00:44:25 (UTC)


Hey everyone ~
How are all of you ?! I am pretty good ! Today my friends
Kati and Isra and I went to the mall after we went and
visited our old teachers ! It was so cool cause Isra met
her boyfriend Sean !He is really nice and they are such a
cute couple! AHHHH I want a boyfriend ! its so pathetic ! I
mean there are like no guys at my school who would go out
with me ! Well there are some but I don't like them like
that ya know !? *SIGH* life sucks sometimes ! Today is one
of those days ! I mean yea the mall was cool and all but
Isra and Sean are so cute together and I mean Kati and I
are both single and it really sucks ! I want a guy to be
able to hold me and kiss me and all the guys at my school
are such pricks ! Seriously ! NO Joke ! hehe! Plus I
haven't talked to Adam in like 2 days !!! :( ! * tear*
trickles down cheek * OH and I found out some news about
one of my friends from my old gymnastics ! Its pretty sad !
She is lets see 17 now and she is the sweetest girl but yea
her life kind of had something unexpected happen ! So yea I
will be praying for her ! Lets see OH ! Ok I hadn't read
Adams journal untill today and my last entry ( the one just
befor this one that I wrote yesterday ) was almost exactly
like his ! and We each wrote them yesterday ! its kinda
weird ! I didn't read his either ! I promise! wow ! Thats
crazy !
OH I got a fortune cookie and it read " True love is
entering your life as you speak ! " So my love life is
looking bright! hehe ! Well I am going to go do my Spanish
homework !
Love you always !