Electric monkey
2001-09-08 00:15:57 (UTC)

9-7-01 [the color outside is strange]

it just stormed and now the sky and everything else is all
this weird color as usual. heh. yeah, thats all i wanted to
say. and that im getting ready to go to see my baby play at
rhinos. its their first real gig in a while, and its
exciting. their new bass player seems nice, yeah. i talked
to all of cardboard today on the phone. it was fun. lets
just say the word orgy was involved....
jessica is over and we are having a lovely time! she says
hello to everyone. =) *she waves at herself in the future
reading this* yeah...
so i think i might go now. bye bye lovely world! [im not
going to kill myself, for those of you who were worried]
Auf wiedersehen!

PS- i cant wait to see cardboard! yay! woohoo! !!!!!!!!!!!
pps-jessicas tum tum is funny. =)