Lady Camaro
2003-01-07 19:17:46 (UTC)

Snow Day

Well we got snow yesterday. It snowed lightly all day and
when my other half (John) got home he said the roads weren't
in good shape. And today me and Kailee were supposed to go
to her social at her Early Head Start Center. Alright so I
have been feeling awful lately and getting out of bed this
morning was horrible. I could barely move without pain. So
in all truth I was hoping the snow would cause them to
cancel it. That is horrible huh? Kailee never gets to play
with other kids expect for these socials where the families
get together. They have them twice a month and Kailee loves
it there. I have never wished for any of them to be canceled
before. But the thought of walking two blocks to the
"bustop" (since they provide transportation since I am
pathetic and don't drive). Tracking through the snow since
our street is never plowed and the thought that Kailee might
get sick in the van yet again and throw-up not to mention my
pain and the feeling of myself throwing up and the room
spinning. Well it didn't sound like a good time. When John
was leaving for work he told me they called and did cancel
it. So what did I do you ask?

We had some breakfast and watched Seseame Street like we do
every morning so Kailee can see Elmo who she loves. Then
while the end of Dora the Explorer was on. Another of her
shows but she can't part with this one. We got her dressed
and then.....gloves, snowsuit, hat, boots. Then I proceed to
help her outside since she could barely walk ~lmao~ and let
her play in the snow. Last good snow we had she couldn't
cause she didn't have a hat and gloves. But Santa brought
her some for Christmas so all we had to do was wait for
snow. This was her first time in the snow. Yes she is 2
years old and her third winter and it is her first time. Bad
me huh? But last year we didn't get much snow so we never
got out there. She liked touching the snow but didn't want
to sit in it. I know this cause I tried and she screamed.
She was happy playing with the snow on our steps, not in it.
She wasn't much fun. ~giggles~ She also has issues with
being dirty and things touching her like finger-painting she
won't do it. I think she might grow up with some real
issues. Not sure where she got them from. I don't like being
dirty and I try to keep her clean but even as a baby she
didn't like playing in her cereal and etc. She would touch
finger foods but mastered using utensils at a pretty early
age. I will get into her other "issues" in the near future.
I could rant for a long time on that subject.